• Caroline Plumer

Know your (insta) worth

In a world where women are simultaneously told we are too much and not enough, what impact is the voyeuristic world of Instagram having on our already precarious self esteem?

Confession, I am what stand-up comic Iliza would deem an 'elder millennial', and as such, as a teenager I endured all my bullying face to face, without the joy of having to suffer it at home online too. Although I joined the Facebook party early on, when it still required a university email address, the choice not to join the world of Instagram was a conscious one. My sense of self may be fairly solid but none of us are immune to the pain of constant comparison.

Barely a week goes by that I don't hear a client lament of how much thinner, richer, prettier the people of Instagram are than them. How they holiday in exotic places that many of us only dream of, and carry Birkin bags that cost the national average salary. Of course, if this is all we see we are always going to come up short when we compare ourselves. So if we must make a daily visit to the 'gram, how can we do so in a healthy way?

First let's acknowledge that these photos are often air brushed, or taken with professional lighting and angles in mind. After that, I would suggest that we take whatever positive inspiration from it we can. See someone who looks fit and toned? Think about how you can create an exercise plan that is right for you and your body type (and never forget to thank your body, it does so much for you everyday!). See a fancy meal in a high end restaurant? Think about getting creative in the kitchen. These perfect insta moments are just that- moments in what might be a life that is as messy and dark as the next persons. 

It's not all bad, but it is certainly to be taken with a pinch of salt and a healthy does of cynicism. And if all else fails, subscribe only to accounts with photos of cats. A creature that loves itself regardless of shape, size or colour is always to be revered.

Shalom y'all,




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